Scrapbooking Fundraising Crop
October 21, 2017
9 AM-9 PM
A fundraiser to support Youth going to the National Gathering in Houston, Texas in 2018

St. Thomas Lutheran Church
8771 E. 15 Mile Rd
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
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Each participant is seated at their own table.

By submitting this registration the participant hereby fully and forever releases St. Thomas Lutheran Church and participating parties from any and all causes of actions, claims, and demands of any nature arising from this event *

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Do you have any dietary restrictions?

If so, what are they?

Payment in full due by October 15, 2017
Early bird registration is October 1- $35
Registration after October 1-$40
Please make payments payable to St. Thomas Lutheran Church and mail to
St. Thomas Lutheran Church 8771 E. 15 Mile Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48312
ATTN: Sandy Stein, Scrapbooking Crop

Please direct all questions to

Thank you for registering for the Scrapbook Crop on October 21, 2017!  See you there!

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